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BlendView - Quality by Design

PAT, NIR & BlendView

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is an initiative by the United States FDA to improve process control within the pharmaceutical industry. Blending has been identified as one of the prime areas of concern.

BlendView is a result of combining the world’s most advanced range of Near Infra Red (NIR) monitoring systems with the world’s largest range of tumble powder blenders. It gives real-time readouts and lets the operator determine exactly when blending is complete.

The BlendView system can work with all batch sizes from about 0.25L right up to large scale production batches.

The BlendView™ monitoring system is non-invasive and the results are obtained in real-time.

Contact Pharmatech to discuss how you can implement PAT into your tumble powder blending systems.



Some of the Blenders in the range

PAT system incorporated into a Pharmateh powder blender

BlendView BV1200A blending a 500L IBC

The BlendView BV400 is a highly versatile PAT blender
BV400 Powder Blender with a 100L double cone
BV030 - self contained mobile blender fitted with a NIR BlendView System. Simply plug it in and start working.
BV030 Powder Blender blending a 5L IBC

Advantages of the BlendView System

  • Improve the quality of your product to achieve ‘Quality by Design’
  • Help you meet regulatory standards
  • Improve your understanding of your processes (decreased development times)
  • Increase your yield
  • Prevent re-working of out-of-specification batches
  • Achieve cycle time reduction
  • BlendView will save you time and money
Pharmatech's BlendView system is highly innovative and practical



Interior of a BlendView IBC. The light from the NIR Sampling Head can be seen shining into the IBC.

How do I monitor what is taking place?

The information from the NIR sampling head is analysed and is then displayed on a computer screen. The blending data can be displayed in a number of formats including easy to read graphs. All software associated with the NIR system is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

A laptop computer collects the blending data and provides an instant readout of blending performance

Blender Controls and PC for a BlendView BV030

Changing Blending Containers
Virtually any shape (drum, v-shell, double cone, IBC etc.) or size of blending container can be used with the BlendView™ System.

PAT blending containers - vee shell, double cone and IBC


Pharmatech can retrofit BlendView to a existing powder blenders, even blenders that were not originally built by us. Contact Pharmatech for advice about retro-fitting BlendView to your existing blender.

Customer Trials

Test the technology for yourself and prove it works.

A BlendView BV015 blender is available for customer trials. Contact Pharmatech for details.

BV015 Blender

BlendView BV015 - trial machine fitted with PAT system
The bench top BV015 is ideal for small scale formulation development

For more infomation about the BlendView system visit: PharmaBlend



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