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Dust Cap Seals for temporary dust tight connections

Pharmatech Dust Cap Seals are designed for use wherever two components are to be temporarily joined (docked) for product transfer.
The seals comes in two colours - translucent and cornflower blue.

Dust Cap Seals are made from FDA acceptable silicone rubber


Dust Cap Seals are available in a range of convenient sizes Dust Cap Seals and Mounting Rings

How it works

The Dust Cap Sseal is located on a mounting ring and has a hole is cut in the middle of the seal. The hole needs to be smaller than the pipe going through it. After inserting the pipe the edge of the seal is bent down to make a dust tight seal around the pipe.


Materials and standards

Dust Cap Seals are available in two ranges - translucent and cornflower blue. Both are moulded from specially formulated silicone rubber to ensure durability - even when used with automated docking systems.

Both the blue and the translucent Dust Cap Seals meet the CFR (FDA) standard 177.2600.

Silicone rubber can withstand high temperatures, so the seals can be cleaned in washing machines or even autoclaved after cleaning.
Uses for Dust Caps seals  

For a dust cap seal to work one of the components must move relative to the other. E.G. As can be seen in adjacent photo where the drum and cone are on a hoist and being lowered into the seal on top of the mill. (A)

Where this is not possible e.g. between mill outlet and the IBC which are both at fixed heights a sliding component can be put between the two and raised and lowered to give the vertical movement. made . (B)

Use Dust Cap Seals to make temporary dust tight connections

Dust Cap seals and weighing Applications.

Dust Cap Seals are suitable for use at weighing interfaces with electronic scales and will not measurably affect the accuracy of weighing if simple precautions are taken. Ensure that the difference between the feed pipe and seal diameter are kept as large as practicable..


Dust Cap Seals and vibrating components.

Pharmatech Dust Cap Seals are ideal for making connections to vibrating components such as feeders and sieves. The flexibility of the device has no measurable dampening effect on the vibration so long as the diameter of the seal is kept as large as possible.


Mounting Rings

Mounting Rings are used to mount the Dust Cap Seals onto equipment. All mounting rings are supplied in 316 grade stainless steel and have a fully ground Weld under the solid rim.

Also available are a range of lids with hinges and latches to provide a cover over the hole in the seal when in use.

Mounting Rings
Dust Cap Seal Mounting Rings, GMP Correct, essential as they are used to hold Dust Cap Seals firmly in place
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