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V-Shell Powder Blenders

Pharmatech manufacture a comprehensive, custom built, range of V Blenders (also known as V-Shell, Vee Cone or Y Cone blenders). These blenders are ideal for low shear tumble blending of powders and granules.

Pharmatech V Blenders are designed so that they provide an intensive mixing action. As the V-Shell is rotated the powder is repeatedly divided and then mixed together.

• Any size up to 6000 litres
• Single or Double plinth designs

Pharmatech V-Blenders are ideal for use in hygienic, GMP correct production areas..

750 litre V-Shell Blender, single plinth design

750 litre Vee Shell Blender, single plinth design
Custom built, pharmaceutical quality V-blenders
Any size up to 6000 litres
Single Plinth or Double Plinth?
V-Blenders up to 1000 litres in size can be either single or double plinth machines. The advantages of a single plinth machine are:
• The machine takes up less room
• The machine can easily be installed through wall
1250 litre V-Shell Blender,double plinth design
1250 litre V-Shell Blender,double plinth design
Self Loading

The product is brought to the blender in a drum. The drum and V-shell are inverted through 180°, the powder is then able to fall into the V-Shell under gravity. The drum is removed before blending.
V-Shell Shape
  Pharmatech can manufacture V-Shells to any specification, the most usual
shapes are Symmetrical or Asymmetrical. The outlet cone usually has a 60° angle to assist discharge
V-Shells to any specification
Pharmatech can build V-shells to any
Blending Systems

The V-blender shown opposite is part of a powder processing system manufactured and supplied by Pharmatech. The system consists of:
- 1,500 litre V-shell blender (twin plinth design)
- Powder conditioning system (to break any lumps prior to blending)
- Vacuum Transfer loading system
- Operator gantry
- Controlled discharge system
- Laser barrier system

1500L Vee shell Powder Blender
Options - V blenders are custom designed and so the list of optional extras is endless. Some of the more commonly requested extras are:
Powder Loading Systems
Powder Discharge Systems
Washing Systems - CIP, WIP
ATEX Rated (Explosion Proofed) to any standard
Guarding Systems
Operator Gantry
Load cells - to confirm the addition or discharge of product
Jacketed V-shells - to control the temperature in the V-shell
Agitator bars for high intensity mixing
For full product information
download the brochure.
For more infomation about pharmaceutical V-blenders visit: PharmaBlend

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