Help me choose the right size of Blender

The table below should be used for guidance only – contact Pharmatech for confirmation that a particular batch size and container combination are suitable for use with a particular blender.

Blender Model Max. Batch Weight Max. Batch Volume Max. Container Volumer
MB005 3.5 kg 3.5 L 5 L
MB015 10 kg 10 L 15 L
MB100 67 kg 67 L 100 L
MB400 200 kg 200 L 300 L
MB400A 200 kg 200 L 300 L
MB800A 275 kg 330 L 500 L
MB1200A 350 kg 500 L 750 L
MB2000A 500 kg 670 L 1000 L

For efficient blending the batch size should be between 33% and 66% of the total volume of the blending container.

Please do not hesitate to contact Pharmatech – our helpful and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to guide you through the choice of blenders to ensure that you get the right blender for your application. Our sales office is open Monday to Friday 08:30hrs to 18:00hrs (UK time)

Tel: 01675 467636 (UK only)
Tel: +44 (0)1675 467636 (International)

For more information about Pharmaceutical Blenders please visit our other site: PharmaBlend