Conical Flexiduct

Conical Flexiducts are a range of flexible connectors developed to make the joining of dissimilar sized pipes simple.  The ends are moulded to allow them to be used in place of the basket of standard quick couplings.  Ideal for absorbing vibration and also allow manipulation to dislodge any bridges that form at the restriction.


Virgin translucent silicone rubber compliant to CFR(FDA) standard 177.2600 and USP class VI. Moulded in a class 100,000 clean room.  (Certificate supplied with each duct)

Method of use

Ducts are clamped to adjacent flanges using standard clamps and a specially designed clamping ring.  The clamping ring is removable.

Bridge breaking

Conical Flexiducts allow bridging problems to be designed out.  Restrictions in pipe diameter tend to be where bridges will form.  The flexibility of the Flexiduct allows the bridge to be broken using external manual or mechanical manipulation.


The Flexiduct can be pushed in on itself to allow simple connections to be made between a fixed height outlet and inlet to another vessel e.g. discharging from a blender or mill into a mobile vessel.

Create a simple effective dust tight system when used in conjunction with one of our dust cap seals (see dust cap seals data sheet).

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