Pharmatech – GMP Service Plan

A Comprehensive Installation, Preventative Maintenance & Breakdown Service to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

GMP Installations:

Pharmatech offer a full installation package for all their equipment using trained mechanical and electrical personnel. Our Technical engineers are not only familiar with the machinery but are used to working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

Installations are carried out to the highest standards and fully comply with relevant electrical and safety standards.

All installations are to GMP requirements and to ATEX directives where necessary. Electrical installations carried out to IET 18th Edition regulations and/or Customer specific standards.

Full validation documentation packages are available with trained engineers to perform the test criteria.

Commissioning services available after installation, to ensure trouble free transition to customer production trials.

Blender Systems: Hoist selections.

Preventative Maintenance:

Pharmatech can undertake your Proactive Preventative Maintenance on any equipment supplied by Pharmatech and Servolift.

Blenders & Hoists: Did you know that a hoist is a lifting appliance and as such should be load tested every 12 months. Did you know that all flexible hoses on hydraulic hoists have to be changed at a frequency of not more than 4 years. Did you know that lifting chains on hoists have to be regularly inspected and tested under load on a regular basis. Did you know that all load-bearing welds on a hoist should be fully inspected every 12 months.

Pharmatech are fully aware of the safety important of the above hoist comments. Pharmatech will perform all of the above and supply a certificate. In addition to the statutory requirements Pharmatech check and replace cover-bands, seals and any other parts required.

Part 1. – Plan the service elements to be checked and maintained. (samples attached)

Contents of a proactive planned maintenance service.

  • Planned Maintenance Agreement.
  • Detailed Maintenance plans – Mechanical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic.
  • Calibration of blending machine – Electrical.
  • Electrical checks – earth safety.
  • Maintenance service report.
  • Replacement parts required.
  • List of spares to be held at customer location.
  • Lubricants and grease cartridge replacement.
  • Recommendations for improvements.

Part 2. – Visit report with completed test protocol to confirm what work has been carried out. The visit report will also include recommendations for additional work or testing.


Not having machinery properly maintain creates avoidable production downtime and may also impact on your Employers Liability Insurance. Health and Safety at work act 1974:

Why Choose Pharmatech?

  • We are experienced in building the machines to be serviced.
  • We have over 30 years of experience of supplying, installing and servicing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Our Technical teams are fully qualified for the work to be carried out.
  • All work is carried out to the highest pharmaceutical standards.
  • Full documentation is provided.