Self Loading Blenders

Self charging blenders allow larger machines to be filled without the need for expensive gantries for access at high level.

Sequence details:

  1. Present drum on pallet truck 
  2. Raise and attach drum to cone mounted on machine valve
  3. Drum attached ready for charging
  4. Invert and open machine valve at 165⁰
  5. Move machine to 195⁰
  6. Oscillate between 165⁰ and 195⁰ to ensure drum is empty
  7. Return  Drum to 0⁰ and remove drum
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 until charged 
  9. Remove cone and blend

Large volume excipients are handled as shown. Small volumes such as APIs can be handled in smaller dedicated vessels. Self loading machines provide a simple and effective way of loading fixed vessel blenders. A simple and easy way to charge blenders.

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