Conceptual Design

Pharmatech are happy to work with you to develop specific designs for your particular application. Contact us to discuss your requirements. As we have done this many times, we can often suggest solutions that you may not have thought of.

Document Writing

As developers of the machines, we know how they need to be tested to comply with legislative requirements. We offer a full documentation writing service on behalf of the customer.

Installation & Qualification

Pharmatech are pleased to offer a full installation service or supervision of your own technicians for installation of the equipment as correct installation followed by qualification to the highest standards is essential for the machines being used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Pharmatech are pleased to offer any assistance with maintenance from telephone technical support to site visits.

For control problems or required modifications we offer a remote-control service where we can take over the controls and investigate problems or carry out programme modifications.

Speed Calibration

Speed accuracy is at the heart of blending control.  All our machines check the speed continuously and will halt blending if the actual speed is found to be outside of tolerance. All our machines have a speed report system that gives a printed report of the actual speed vs set speed. Should any of the speeds have wavered from the tolerances for the set speed then the inverter needs adjustment. We will happily offer a calibration check and adjustment.  Our various level of controls incorporate an auto-calibrate system which allow for the automatic checking and adjustment of all speeds in the machine range, thereby allowing the customer to have frequent speed calibration.


We will be pleased to carry out specific training courses for engineers and operators.

Validation Attendance

We will be pleased to work with our customer after installation is complete to carry our equipment qualification.

Servicing – Blenders & Hoists

As part of your preventative maintenance program and up-time KPI’s we offer annual servicing arrangement which can be scheduled directly through our Pharmatech team. Contents of our proactive planned maintenance service.

  • Planned Maintenance Agreement.
  • Detailed Maintenance plans – Mechanical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic.
  • Calibration of blending machine – Electrical
  • Electrical checks – earth safety
  • RAMS
  • Maintenance service report
  • Replacement parts required
  • List of spares to be held at customer location
  • Lubricants and grease cartridge replacement
  • Recommendations for improvements