Servolift Hoists

When it comes to GMP correct hoists no one has more expertise than Servolift. Pharmatech has been supplying, installing and maintaining Servolift hoists and lifters since 1983. Pharmatech are the official agents for Servolift in the UK.

Over 350 installations in the UK and Ireland

Hoist Features
• Stainless steel pillar lift
• GMP Correct construction
• Modular Design
• CE Marked
• Any height up to 17m
• Any load up to 4 Tonnes
• Hydraulic, Mechanical or Pneumatic lifting system

Built To Your Exact Requirements

Servolift hoists are all custom designed and constructed. Servolift Hoists have a modular construction so even though your hoist is a custom made machine it is not a prototype.

The GMP Way of Making Life Easy
Servolift hoists offer the ideal way to construct gravity feed systems. Simply lift the container, position and discharge.

• No additional equipment to clean
• Simple effective dust-tight connections
• Accurate positioning
• Cost effective

This brochure shows a wide range of applications. If you have any questions or require further assistance please contact us.

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