Silicone ducts are USP Class VI compliant

Silicone Hose

Large diameter silicone rubber tubes(ducts) have been developed as part of a range of flexible connectors and ducts and hoses to make the joining of similar sized pipes simple. Silicone Hoses are lighter than stainless steel tubes and are more flexible.

Silicone Hoses make a convenient means of connecting components together and they overcome the problem of mis-alignment.


Virgin translucent silicone rubber compliant with CFR (FDA) standard 177.2600 and USP Class VI (a certificate is supplied with each order).

The ducts have a robust, multiply construction for long life. The wall of the silicone hose has an embedded polyester mesh to give it added durability.

Wall thickness is 3.5mm

Method of Use

The Silicone Ducts are attached to plain ended tubes or to standard quick release ferrules using band clamps.

Band Clamps

Adjustable band clamps with over-centre latches are recommended to make a quick and neat connection. The clamps are made from 304 stainless steel and have a bright polish,

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