MultiBlend MB015 Powder Blender

The MultiBlend® MB015 is a laboratory scale batch blender that can handle containers from 0.1 litre up to 15 litres in size. The MB015 is the perfect tumble blender for mixing powders and granules during formulation development and for small scale production work. The MB015 is used extensively in R&D laboratories, pilot plants and secondary manufacturing areas.

The MB015 designed for use in pharmaceutical and other hygienic environments (eg. in the food and cosmetic industries). Pharmatech have many years of supplying the pharmaceutical industry and the MB015 blender is constructed to be GMP correct.

The MB015 has the following features as standard:
– Made from stainless steel
– Variable speed 5 to 30 rpm
– HMI controls (displays blend time remaining and blending speed)
– See-through, interlocked safety guard
– CE Mark
– Low maintenance
– Comprehensive Operator and Maintenance Manual