The MB030 is easy to move by a single operator. Simply plug it in and start blending.

MultiBlend MB100 Powder Blender

The Pharmatech MultiBlend MB100 batch blender has been developed as a free standing, mobile tumble blender designed for efficient mixing of powders and granules.

It is ideal for blending larger laboratory scale batches and small pilot scale batches. The large range of container sizes available for use with the MB100 makes it an ideal machine for formulation development and R&D applications.

The MultiBlend MB100 blender is designed for use in GMP correct, hygienic or contained production areas. It is particularly suited for use within the pharmaceutical and allied industries (nutraceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical) as a portable mixer of small containers.

The MB100 is widely used within the pharmaceutical industry for blending small scale solid dosage (secondary) and API (primary) product batches