Multiblend MB005 Powder Blender

The MB005 proves to be an excellent choice for various applications, including sample blending, formulation development, and R&D 0.1L to 5L – Max load 10kg. It effortlessly handles both powders and granules with precision.

Designed for versatility, the compact MB005 fits perfectly on a benchtop or can be mounted on a specialized trolley, providing enhanced mobility for your convenience. This tumble blender can handle a wide range of container shapes and sizes including drums, V Shell, IBCS and double cones upto 5L, with a max product load of 3.5k.

Manufactured from stainless steel to GMP standards, the MB005 is well suited for applications in pharmaceuticals and hygienic areas and is designed to a high specification to ensure a reliable and clean blending environment.

Key features of the MB005 include:

  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • GMP Correct Design
  • Variable speed ranging from 3 to 30 rpm
  • HMI Controls as Standard, allows input of blend speed/time and displays blend time remaining and blending speed.
  • Transparent, interlocked safety guard for added security
  • CE Mark certifying compliance with safety standards
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Comprehensive Operator and Maintenance Manual for user guidance.