MB400 mixing a 200 litre drum

Multiblend MB400 Powder Blender

The Multiblend MB400 tumble blender stands out as a highly versatile solution for mixing both powders and granules.

Unleash its flexibility with the capability to accommodate a variety of blending containers, including drums, IBCs, double cones, and V shells, offering versatility in handling different sizes and shapes.

The MB400 finds its place seamlessly in both R&D laboratories and production settings, serving as an efficient blender for development purposes and a reliable production mixer. Designed with GMP compliance in mind, it meets the highest standards for quality.

Ideal for blending popular 200L (45-gallon) stainless steel drums, the MB400 Blender is the go-to machine for your blending needs. Other sized containers can be easily handled.

For added safety, the MB400 powder mixer can be customized to meet various ATEX standards  – details available upon request.

Standard features of the MB400 include:

  • Constructed from durable stainless steel
  • Variable speed ranging from 3 to 30 rpm
  • HMI controls providing real-time information on blend time and speed
  • CFR compliant software available on request
  • Optional guarding systems for enhanced safety
  • CE Mark certifying compliance with safety standards
  • Low maintenance, ensuring efficiency and longevity
  • Comprehensive Operator and Maintenance Manual for easy operation and upkeep.